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Osteria via Stato

Osteria Via Stato’s happy hour, or aperitivo as we call it, is a time to sit down, relax and unwind during the work week. Originating from the Latin word for “open” or “to begin,” the tradition is one enjoyed throughout the country. How better to end your day, in the late afternoon, with a glass of wine or another beverage, usually accompanied by some snacks or light bites as well. Join us at Osteria from 4 to 6 p.m., every day, with $5 selections of wine, sangria, and beer, along with complimentary Italian small plates that include house- marinated olives, roasted balsamic garlic, and ciabatta bread. Chat with friends up at the bar, out on the patio, and in the Pizzeria while enjoying our delicious happy hour specials.