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Osteria via Stato

Wednesday night marked our fourth annual Prosecco-on-the-Patio party, as some of our favorite wine purveyors joined us on the corner of State and Ontario to serve tastings of Italian bubbles to a sold-out crowd on one of the most delightful summer evenings of the year. As part of our 20 for $20 Wine Series, this event is always our most popular.

Highlighting dry, extra dry and brut sparklers as well as a selection of bubbly Italian rosés, representatives from Tenzing Wines, Signature Wine, Mionetto USA, Southern Wine & Spirits, Connoisseur Wines and Maverick Wine Company mingled with guests and answered questions.  Chef David DiGregorio prepared an array of passed appetizers including Gorgonzola & Bacon Stuffed DatesShort Rib Crostini with Spiced PeppersCrispy Eggplant Arancini and Pizzeria Via Stato’s Roman-Style Pizzas.

In case you missed it, here are some photos from the evening- make sure to join us next year!

Proseccos on the Patio 6-16-2

Proseccos on the Patio 6-16-3

Proseccos on the Patio 6-16-5

Proseccos on the Patio 6-16-17

Proseccos on the Patio 6-16-21Proseccos on the Patio 6-16-26

Proseccos on the Patio 6-16-30